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HVAC Services

HVAC Services

Thermal Dynamics, Inc. specializes in Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Process Cooling, Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps, and Medical.

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Our services are available to you on a call-as-needed basis or you may take advantage of our Preventative Service agreements. These programs will assure you of priority service. We can eliminate 80% - 85% of your service calls, such as breakdowns due to broken belts, lack of lubrication, dirty condenser coils, and dirty air filters. Discounted hourly rates. 10 Day call back. If the unit fails within 10 days of time of service, no service charge or time will be charged.

All inspections will be updated for accuracy and equipment labeled as per your protocol. You may be thinking at this moment that you already have a HVAC contractor, but maybe you would like to take this opportunity to compare us to them. We can provide you with better quality service which will ensure you of better performance of your equipment. I am confident to say we have the best mechanics and technicians in the northern New Jersey area.